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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

GPDK 45nm For Self Training

August 31, 2021 3

Generic 45nm Salicide 1.0V/1.8V 1P 11M Process Design Kit and Rule Decks (PRD) Revision 5.0

Download Here

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VERSION 5.0 (22 FEB 2016)
  • gpdk045 IC617 library built natively with IC6.1.7 ISR1 release code
  • Following CCRs has been fixed (16 ccrs) 1515221,1515134,1515215,1513805,1503698,1485808,1480053,1471257, 1445571,1429834,1400157,1345956,1324264,1304331,1302228,1291339
  • Modified PVL LVS deck for post-layout check. Removed "R" from property check and netlist
  • CDL netlist of resistor modified. Removed "R" parameter from netlist
  • File cph.lam has been modified
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