Higher Technology - Analog Layout Laboratory


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Higher Technology

 Higher Technology Demand in market 

People's always wanted to work on cutting edge technology but still most of the top MNC are working on higher technology node and also most of the automotive & other electronics products are still on Higher technology node, so always there is market Demand on Higher Technology node.

We Provide all kind of Higher Technology node Training .

Course Outline: 
  • fabrication process LDmos, DNW Devices, NBL Process, Deep Trench Process, 
  • Higher voltage Inverter Layout & Verification Checks, 
  • Other gates Layout & verification Checks,
  • Digital Layout & verification Checks

Available Technology : 

  • TSMC 180 - BCD, NBL Process, Deep Trench Process.(45V, 90V, 120V, 250V, 300V)
  • TSMC 130 - BCD, NBL Process, Deep Trench Process.(45V, 90V, 120V, 250V, 300V)

Available CAD Tools :

  • Cadence Virtuoso IC617 & IC618 - With Calibre 2021 (DRC/LVS)
Final Project: High voltage V to I Amp, LDO with Higher current rating - 2amper , DC-DC converter
Course Fee : contact admin for price details

Below companied are Working on Higher Node process 

  1. Texas Instruments (TI)
  2. AMD
  3. ARM
  4. IBM
  5. Cisco
  6. Juniper Networks
  7. Analog Devices Inc
  8. Applied Micro Circuits  (Now Macom in 2018)
  9. ST Micro
  10. MediaTek
  11. Microchip
  12. On Semiconductors
  13. Microsemi
  14. Applied Materials
  15. Cypress Semiconductor
  16. NXP Semiconductor
  17. GE
  18. Robert Bosch
  19. Imagination Technologies
  20. Infinera
  21. Maxim Integrated Circuits

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